La préhension retrouvée

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1. The frozen shoulder corresponds to a shrinkage of the articular capsule, wraps which bounds any joint.

Its origin remains controversial. It can succeed a surgical operation on the shoulder, a trauma, a hurt of the rotator cuff, an excessive immobilization of the shoulder, a regional disease (lung or heart), but very often no particular reason is found.



Normal joint puts a capsule on coward


Frozen shoulder with a stiff capsule


2. It is initially translated by the appearance of an important pain, fast accompanied with a stiffness  of the shoulder. At the stage following only the stiffness  persist. Then it is gradually going to retrocede until the complete cure in most of the cases. The evolution is particularly long and can go to 12 in 18 months. The diagnosis makes simply on examination of the patient in front of the observation of an articular siffness. A x-ray is indispensable to eliminate the other causes of pain, in particular osseous. Additional examinations can be prescribed in search of a particular cause.

3. The treatment rests above all on a long-term réédcuation, with mobilization by the physiotherapist by going slightly beyond the pain threshold. An analgesic treatment, and sometimes calcitonin, is useful. Other numerous treatments were proposed:

  • capsular distension  by intra-articular injection which sometimes gives interesting results;
  • mobilization under anesthesia and arthroscopy for capsular release are, according to us, to ban because of an important rate of complications and recurrences.


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