La préhension retrouvée

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  1. It consists in introducing, through the skin by a 5 mm section, a tube of low diameter the extremity of which contains a miniaturized camera which allows to investigate the inside of a joint. Another identical section allows to introduce an instrument which will, for example, allow to remove a piece of damaged cartilage.
  2. This technique has for major advantage to respect the deltoid muscle, real engine of the shoulder, and all the anatomical structures of this joint. We speak about micro-invasive technique, to insist on the respect for the healthy elements, which we are obliged to open very often by a conventional technique (we speak about open surgery) to reach the hurt to be repaired. This technique revolutionized the shoulder surgery and simplified the consequences of the interventions on this joint.
arthro épaule2

It must be thus privileged in the majority of the cases. It requires a pulled surgeon.

3. Most of the pathologies are accessible to this technique:

arthroscopie épaule
  • the ablation of calcifiants at the level of the tendons of the shoulder;
  • the treatment of the tears of tendinitis of rotators: thinning down of the acromion ( acromioplastiy) to decrease its " abrasive effect " on the tendons, possibly repair of these last ones, sometimes do a tenodesis of long biceps;
  • finally the treatment of the hurts of the labrum (equivalent of the meniscus of knee), privilege of the sportsman (rugby, sport of throw).
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