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Hand's injuries

Hand's injuries are frequent. Most of them need to be treated in Hand center. We invite you to visit the website about hand's injuries of our hand site internet .


in practice to do?


In case of wound in the hand, it is necessary to:

  1.  Disinfect the wound by using a not colored antiseptic
  2. Make a compressif bandage in case of bleeding, avoiding the pose of a withers, always dangerous
  3.  Don't give anything to drink or eat to the wounded person;
  4. Call rescue on 115.

In case of total section of a segment of limb, for example a finger, it is necessary to apply orders above and in more:

  1.  If possible, get back the amputated fragment,
  2.  Disinfect it by applying an antiseptic not colored by means of compresses,
  3.  Surround it with compresses and put it in a tight plastic bag (for example a freezer bag closed by a well squeezed knot) which we arrange in the contact of ice.




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