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Thumb arthritis

1. It corresponds to the degenerative osteoarthritis of the base of the thumb, the progressive destruction of the cartilages of the joint between the trapezium and the first metacarpal. It is very frequent, getting especially the woman, and begins mostly towards the age of 50 years. She can become very annoying in the everyday life pulling pains, limitation of the mobility of the base of the thumb and decrease of the strength of tightening of the hand and sometimes an unsightly called Z deformation.

Prédisposants factors are many: mechanics, hereditary and family, sometimes after a trauma.


Radiography of a rhizarthrose

2. The treatment is medical, initially (analgesic, anti inflammatory, sometimes infiltrations, splint of rest). In case of failure or of impossibility of the medical treatment, the surgery is possible, mostly under anesthesia of the upper limb ( loco-regional anesthesia) in ambulatory. It can be the implantation of a prosthesis replacing the joint, or more often, the ablation of the trapezium with stabilization of the thumb by a tendon of neighborhood. A short immobilization, followed by reeducation for some weeks, allow a good recovery.

  rhizarthrose trapeézectomie rhizarthrose trapezectomie





pyro copie



pyro radio copiet


Rhizarthrosis implant treatment pyrocarbon Trapeziectomy-ligamentoplasty Trapeziectomy-ligamentoplasty  


3. Complications are always possible, but remain rare if the intervention is realized by a pulled surgeon:

  • the  infection is rare.
  • a swollen, painful hand, with perspiration then steepness evokes an DSR ;
  • a dullness of the back of the thumb is possible by irritation of the sensory branches of the nerve radial nerve. It usually disappear in a few weeks.
  • prostheses can dislocate or wear out or work loose.
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