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Mucoïd cyst

1. It is  small tumefactions, always mild, which are around the last joint of fingers (the one who is near the nail). They are sometimes filled with a clear liquid. They comes from arthritis joint or future arthritis joint. They invade the skin which recovers them and can break spontaneously and then become infected pulling an infection of the joint and sometimes the bone. When they compress the nail matrix they can pull a deformation which will not still disappear after the treatment.

2. For the small recent cysts, without deformation of the nail, a simple surveillance is possible. The drainings can weaken the skin and make a risk of infection. The voluminous cysts, drained or accompanied with a deformation of the nail are surgically handled. The cyst and the skin which recovers it, are removed and replaced by a transplant of the skin. We often remove the osseous projections. In case, of major and painful degenerative osteoarthritis accompanying a cyst, a blocking of the joint (arthrodesis ) can be necessary because the isolated excision of the cyst is not enough to eliminate the pains. This blocking has few functional consequences. The collection of the small objects (pins) is the main difficultie met after an arthrodesis. This intervention is mostly made under local anesthetic without hospitalization.

3. The complications remain rare, if the intervention is realized by a pulled surgeon.


kyste mucoide
  • the most frequent are the recurrence. The use of a transplant to cover the zone of the cyst decreases appreciably the rate of post-operative recurrence. The difficulties of healing, even the death of the transplant (necrosis) are rare.
  • The fact of smoking seems to favor these complications;
  • the local infection is a risk especially the cysts which already drilled or which had of numerous treatment premises. The grip of antibiotics is sometimes necessary to avoid them;
  • the stiffness of the joint is more the fact of the degenerative osteoarthritis than the operation, as well as the pains of the operated region;
  • a swollen, painful hand, with perspiration then steepness evokes a CRPS.
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